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Fleet Spartan was created to solve issues with fuel management, reporting, fraud, and efficiency in the fleet fuel industry. Our Spartan Shield & Spartan Sentry systems eliminate 99.9% of fuel fraud, give you real-time data, and control.

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OpComm™ is a perioperative workflow solution, created by surgeons and hospital administrators, designed to decrease operating room (OR) turnover time and eliminate OR workflow bottlenecks. OpComm’s unique solution enables surgical teams to monitor real-time pre-operative status and allow members to collaborate on pre-op checklists, facilitate communication, and analyze workflow data to optimize team synergy and efficiency.

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Knowledge Ops is now proudly partnered with IVP to offer their patented, best-in-class bio-defense system, crucial in the battle against COVID and other biohazards.

Cyber Security experts focused in Federal and O&G

Knowledge Ops Solutions

Operational Excellence, Compliance & Business Development

Execution, Execution, Execution! Executives at all levels are charged with driving excellence in operations in an ethical and regulatory compliant manner. This is the heart of ESG.

Business Planning & Operations

The development of executable plans drives Operational Excellence. Flexibility and Sustainability must be part of your high-performance organization.

Remote Business Development Team Services to Grow Your Business

World Class Concierge on demand Business Development that can take your organization to the next level without the cost.

Leveraging the Latest Technology

Effectively capitalizing on technology is a major component of Operational Excellence and success. You do not have to worry about using the right solutions with our "refresh" program.

Optimizing Marketing Strategies

How the market perceives your organization is critical. There is no correlation between ‘Likes’ and revenue. Perception is your only reality.

Overall Growth & Scale

Fast growth is one of the most difficult challenges leaders face. Ready to scale is a strategy.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The key to successful organizational external growth or exit is Due Diligence. Knowledge of the issues as well as risk mitigation strategies are essential.